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the inner-story

believe it or not, we’re old biking buddies.


We used to race down our neighborhood streets together. Jumping curbs, chasing our brothers and causing trouble were everyday activities. We had no idea that our version of causing trouble was our parents’ version of keeping us out of it. Nor did we realize that exploring the streets of our city all day helped us sleep in our beds all night. It was just fun. And it planted the seeds of a lifelong passion we both still share, even after the majority of our lives were apart.

We were separated from our afternoon joyrides by the time we were 20. One of us grew up in South America; the other, South Florida. We remained friends through the years, sending letters, then emails, and then texts as time allowed. And we both cultivated our childhood energy into passions for exercise.

When we finally got to grab a beer together, we were in our 40s. And it was here, in Miami. We had more than a couple and caught up. Rolling through old memories and sharing new pursuits, we realized what we were missing. The bikes. True story.

While our main workouts were different, heavy lifting versus mountain biking and trail running, we both wanted a supplemental workout. By our second beer, we realized spin was the perfect complement to our high intensity workouts. It was time for a new joyride. And when we couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for in Miami, we decided to create our own. And what better place to build an exciting, inclusive, invigorating and unique experience than in Wynwood?   


We want to remind you that the highest climbs reward you with the highest speeds on the way down. That you don’t actually have to race anyone. And that you will, in fact, make it to the finish. And we want to tell you that we’ll be there at that finish line, cheering you on. Because we’re all biking buddies now.


Our indoor cycling instructors are avid cyclers, dedicated to the sport and their professions. And just as we include our instructors in the collective ‘we’ that is Innerride, we know you will include them in your experience too. They are just as much a part of your class as you are.



Al Morin & David Bossio